We offer very extensive service to any creative project. Starting from profession makeup and hair styling, to the costume design and props. We have them all covered so that all you need to do is to come to the studio and enjoy the photography session to reveal the best of you. Please click any of the following categories to view more detailed package information and asked for more information if you are interested.


  • 4 hour photography session with professional lighting assistant.
  • Two garment, wedding dress rental available.
  • Professional makeup and hair styling (2 hours session)
  • Makeup trial session (2 hours session)
  • Makeup follow during the entire session (4 hours)
  • Props included
  • 10 high-end edited photos with touch-ups
  • All original photos in HD resolution
  • 18” signature crystal album.

Price starting at $3000  $1999.00.


  • Up to 8 hours of coverage.
  • Professional photographer, videographer and 2nd assistant
  • Video: Two camera angels, high-end camera track shot, professional lighting and high quality on-location audio capture
  • Video: 3 minute wedding movie in HD resolution showing the best moments of the wedding in a cinematic fashion
  • Video: Up to 2 hours of the entire wedding in HD resolution for you and love ones to keep forever.
  • Consultation and planning for the wedding timeline. 1 hour posed photography session.
  • All Your Favorite photos in 4K resolution. Plus 20 fine edited photo in 4K resolution.
  • Hundreds of original photos in HD resolution
  • 18” signature crystal album and many more

Price starting at $5000 $3999.00.