The Montfort Academy Summer Programs 2023

Classical Achievement Program

The Beardslee Summer Homestead Camp

The Classical Achievement Program, The Homestead Camp, and College Introductions

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    The CAPStone Program, The Summer Camp, and Week of College Introductions (July 10-28, 2023) $7,999 for the entire 18-day program, lodging and three meals a day included

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    After you submitted your application. Please use the PayPal button below to make the payment of the $100 application fee:

    Please use the PAYPAL button on the website in order to make a payment.

    Or, write a check payable to The Montfort Academy for the appropriate amount and send to:

    Mrs. Marla Greco

    The Montfort Academy 

    125 E Birch Street 

    Mount Vernon, NY 10552. 

    To secure a seat in the programs, please send the check or make the payment by May 1st, 2023. Thank you!