Celebrities Who’ve Spoken About Addiction and Relapses

Sadly, being a celebrity and struggling with addiction and mental illness have become synonymous, even if in reality a very small percentage of actors and other performers actually have drug and alcohol addictions. Throughout the U.S. population, there is a correlation between addiction and mental illness, and about one-third of people, struggling with substance abuse also have an underlying mental health disorder. Many celebrities have entered rehab, including inpatient treatment programs and outpatient rehab. Despite the fame, fortune, and endless leisure time that often comes with celebrity lifestyles, there are a number of famous stars and public figures that suffer from the disease of addiction. True, the massive bankroll of these stars certainly may have exacerbated their issues.

  • People who use cocaine recreationally are at high risk of overdose.
  • She moved in with Lionel Richie when her biological parents admitted they couldn’t afford to provide for their young child.
  • As soon as Conaway returned to his home, he continued abusing pain killers.
  • Celebrities who live in the spotlight are under that much more stress and turning to a drug or alcohol to deal with pressure can happen.
  • During the 1990s, the actor was perhaps more famous for his partying.

Hoffman relapsed in February 2014 and died from a combined drug intoxication. Although actor Robert Downey Jr. first tried drugs at the young age of six, it wasn’t until 1996 that he faced his first drug-related arrest. After a troubling period with drug abuse, Downey Jr. has achieved an inspiring comeback from addiction. But https://ecosoberhouse.com/ I was being treated like the most terrible daughter that ever lived,” O’Neal told The New York Times. So when I finally met John and that didn’t work out, I had such a hole in my gut. And I did two years of urine-testing, and I did get my kids back, damn it! ” O’Neal was arrested again in 2008 for buying drugs in Manhattan.

Elton John

Names like Charlie Sheen, Amy Winehouse, Courtney Love, and countless others have become synonymous with the relentless abuse of drugs like cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. But other big-name actors and icons have secretly battled their own addiction demons, too. At Resurgence, we offer inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab, dual diagnosis treatment plans, drug and alcohol detox, and sober living services. We have plans that celebrities who died of alcoholism help people deal with co-occurring disorders, or when a client is dealing with both substance use disorders and mental health issues. It’s important to ensure that a patient’s overall health is taken into account so that they can improve their mind, body, and spirit as part of their addiction recovery. No one should ever have to work through their drug and alcohol addictions or mental health issues on their own.

  • When it comes to celebrities who beat addiction and exploring how to overcome addiction, it would be difficult not to mention Russell Brand.
  • The actor started to feel that his use of drugs and alcohol was out of control in the 1980s when he was a teen heartthrob.
  • But no matter how far your addiction has gotten, there is always hope for recovery.
  • In Curtis’ case, she was addicted to pain medications, even going so far as to steal them from relatives.
  • Today, Iron Man star Robert Downey, Jr. is the highest paid actor in Hollywood, but things haven’t always been easy for him.

We will also talk about some celebrities with drug problems who have been through the struggle, come out victorious, and shared their stories with the public. Known globally as Princess Leia in Star Wars, Carrie Fisher admitted that she struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years. Initially, she found sobriety at 29-years-old and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder the next year – while someone is abusing substances, most medical professionals will not diagnose a mental health disorder. Fisher went on to become a prolific writer and stand-up comedian, before her death in 2016.

Eating Disorders in Celebrities: Why the Difference Between Men and Women?

During his time on the set of The Outsiders, Lowe said production regularly provided the teen actors with alcohol. John became known as a flamboyant performer garnering the attention of tens of thousands of fans at a time, but in the 1970s and 80s, his shyness led him to use substances. According to Curtis, her most significant accomplishment is beating addiction and remaining sober beyond anything else in her life. Downey tried rehab unsuccessfully on two different occasions, and he has arrests that nearly led him to serve a year in prison. During the same year, neighbors found him passed out in his son’s bed. The Blackberry Center a state-licensed and Medicare-approved facility.

  • Rosglas Recovery has helped a number of wealthy and highly successful individuals who are famous in their own right achieve lasting sobriety.
  • I know it’s possible,” he says as he proudly celebrates nine years of sobriety.
  • Outwardly, rich and famous people seem to be living their best lives.
  • The fashion icon and Full House alum is said to have also struggled with Cocaine abuse – a Stimulant often abused by people trying to lose weight.

Pinsky did brain scans of her which showed significant frontal lobe dysfunction, which Pinsky theorized was behind her inability to empathize with people, and her affinity for doing so with birds. Actor Tom Sizemore had been approached to appear in Season 1, but declined.

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He chased that first heroin high for 15 years until he came crashing down to his rock bottom in 2003. Edie Sedgwick died in 1971 of a potent mix of barbiturates and alcohol. Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in 2007 with a lethal dose of a drug concoction in her system.

celebrities with addictions

In recovery, Mantle made amends with his estranged ex-wife and found direction through his faith. This young starlet was addicted to both heroin and cocaine in her teens before she sought treatment in her early 20s. During her years of drug abuse, Nicole Richie had several run-ins with the law, a very common outcome of substance abuse, no matter your station in life.

The Connection Between Celebrities & Drug Addiction

She said that it took a great deal of work and support to stay sober for 22 years, doing it one day at a time. Beneficial to look at inspirational famous people and who have been able to beat addiction. Learning how to overcome addiction does, in many instances, rely on the understanding that the disease does not discriminate. In 2009, she achieved lasting sobriety after having completed four stays in rehab. Began abusing alcohol to cope with the pressure of being a young star constantly under public watch.

celebrities with addictions

He credited his friends and family for helping him make a successful recovery. Cooper started recovery in 2004 and has been sober for nearly 15 years. He continues to maintain sober through roles that portrayed characters struggling with substance use disorder. Bradley Cooper is famous for his roles in The Hangover and A Star is Born.

Celebrities with Drug Problems

“I finally quit in 1996, when I gave my word to [‘The People vs. Larry Flynt’ director] Milos Forman that I would not do any drugs while he was filming that movie,” she told The Fix. English comedian and actor Russell Brand speaks openly about his previous drug use. In addition to his sex addiction and promiscuity, his drug use is frequently mentioned as part of his stand-up act.

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